Friend me!

I got my 2DS! (Yay!) If you want, you can friend me. BTW, it works with 2DS and 3DS. My friend code is 3626 – 3187 – 4342. I hope I can play some games with some people! Remember to comment your friend code!

The pretty much whole story of why I want a 2DS

    Before I got my new DSi, I dropped my first DSi in the toilet. For around a year, I didn’t have a DSi. But then, when I decided that I wanted a new DSi, I was thinking about it a lot. Then, on thanks giving, (2016 if you are viewing this in the future) my uncle Gary gave me a DSi!

    After Christmas, I was was watching YouTube and I watched a video about glitches in the 3DS. Then I realized that the 3DS has more software (at first I thought that the 3DS just had 3D and a few more games). Then I really wanted a 3DS.

    Later, I was looking at prices on Nintendo’s website for the 3DS. It was only saying prices for the new Nintendo 3ds XL. I was very frustrated. But then I ended up looking at the 2ds, that was exactly the same (but without the 3D effects, and it’s cheaper).


  • Built in games
  • Nintendo e shop
  • Themes
  • More games
  • Coin system for walking


  • No 3D effects

Kind of in the middle:

  • No hinges

DSi | 2DS

3D effects

✖ | ✖

Nintendo e shop

✖ |✔

Built in games

✖ | ✔


not as customizable | ✔

Extra games

✖ | ✔

Coin system

✖ | ✔

No hinges

✖ | ✔

    The websites I looked at were Amazon, Best buyNintendo, and GameStop. Amazon didn’t have it, Nintendo had it for 79.99, Best buy had it with Mario Cart 7 for 79.99, and GameStop had it with mario cart 7 for 79.99. I will chose GameStop if Bestbuy doesen’t work.