The epic fall

On Tuesday, July 22:

My mom told me I’d been VERY clumsy. Later I was walking through the kitchen and I fell into Mom and she spilled her drink. I said sorry, then I ran into the stool that Gideon was on and he fell off, did a flip, then Mom caught his head with her foot so it didn’t crash on the floor. I wanted to EXPLODE!

my public diary

Hi! My name is Noah, I’m 9 (right now) ,and this is my public diary!

I wanted to use my Wii with Josiah (my brother who is 10) , but  we couldn’t choose which game. he went to his 3DS and played a game. Gideon (my baby brother) was playing with Eden (my sister who’s 4) and Zion’s (my sister who’s 7) camera. Zion took it, and Gideon screamed LOUD! Mom called “breakfast is ready!” and everyone rushed to the table (but not Dad) . For breakfast, we had scrambled eggs and sausage. During breakfast, I challenged Josiah to read Japanese! He tried to outsmart me by guessing what it said. the girls are at the dentist and Josiah was singing “let it go” and now Josiah is playing puppy luv and His dog is learning a LOT of tricks VERY fast.